Mini candles shaped like women's curvy bodies
London Wick Mini Body Candles Ivory
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Body Candles
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Petite Body Candles | London Wick

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Born out of a need we all need peace and love—London Copper created Bespoke London Wick Candles. She hand pours natural wax and scented with premium luxury  toxin free fragrance. Standing 4 inches tall for the perfect home decor accent.

  • price is per Body Candle
  • Cream is scented with rich deep Palo Santo essence (PALO SANTO, SAFFRON, SMOKE, WOOD, SANDALWOOD, AMBER)
  • Brown is scented with warm and welcoming Toasted Chia essence (CLOVE, CINNAMON, NUTMEG, BUTTERCREAM, SMOKE)
  • Black  is scented with rich deep  Palo Santo essence (PALO SANTO, SAFFRON, SMOKE, WOOD, SANDALWOOD, AMBER)