‘70s Hippie Style Guide: Inspired by Daisy Jones and the Six

Have you watched Daisy Jones and the Six? If you’re looking for ‘70s Hippie Style inspiration and you haven’t watched it, then you need to! In the series, Daisy perfectly encapsulates the fashion of her time with fringed vests, crocheted tops, and flared pants. 

The 1970s was a time of many societal changes, especially the huge growth in rights for women and youth counterculture. World War II had just come to an end, and the post-war economic boom was well underway. An era of great economic and technological advancements, changing the way clothes are made and distributed. Mass production, higher efficiency, and generating higher standards and uniformity are a few of the advancements that occurred during this “pivot of change” as historians have termed the Seventies.

Elements of the ‘70s Hippie Style are still apparent in today’s trends, and have made comebacks in recent years. Much of this is attributed to the American musical drama, Daisy Jones and the Six, which follows a rock band in the ‘70s from their rise in the LA scene to becoming one of the most popular bands in the world. It is no wonder that more of us are tapping into the glamorized ‘rock ‘n roll’ era. 

To help you in your search, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular fashion trends of the ‘70s!

‘70s Hippie Style: Fashion Trends

Bell-bottomed Trousers

flared jeans

Out of all the fashion trends that trace back to the 70s, flared jeans are arguably the most iconic. They serve as a statement base to your fit, with endless options of tops, shoes, hair styles and accessories to pair. At Nouveau and Vintage, we have a light washed denim pair (as shown in the photo above) and a white denim pair of flared jeans. Both feature floral embroidery, another fashion trend of the time.


hippie jewelry

In the Film Daisy Jones and the Six, Daisy is known for her big hoop earrings that she wears. Statement jewelry pieces are a key part of 70’s hippie style, from chokers, to layering and beads. Our Vanessa Mooney Daisy Pearl Choker (shown above) is a beautiful option, as is our Vanessa Mooney Daisy Mae Choker.

Embroidery & Floral Patterns

70s hippie style

The ‘70s were all about individuality, liberty, and breaking the previous norms of society. This is symbolized through bright colors and groovy patterns. This is your opportunity to tap into the retro vintage color palette! Our Floral Crop Top is one of many bright pieces to add to your ‘70s hippie style inspired wardrobe.


Daisy Jones and the Six Outfits

Fringe took off in the ‘70s, often featured on black and brown leather (known as buckskins). From luscious and long strips of suede to micro-mini fringe trimmings, this ‘70s trend will make you want to channel everything from your inner ‘20s flapper dancer to that hidden wild west cowgirl. Our vintage studded fringe vest encompasses all of this!


denim vest

An iconic moment in the film; Daisy and the band exit the plane with cheering fans awaiting their arrival. Daisy is wearing a patchwork denim jumpsuit which made us go wild!

If you're going for a ‘70s inspired look, then denim is a must-have. The ‘70s pop duo Sonny and Cher were some of the biggest denim advocates of the era and Sonny was the first man to ever wear denim on television!

Ever tried denim on denim? This is a style trend that emerged during the ‘70s. Try pairing our denim embroidered vest with our matching denim embroidered flare jeans, or recreate your own double denim fit from the pieces in your closet!

‘70s Hippie Style: Show off Your Individuality

In today's consumer-driven and fast-paced world, the ‘70s hippie style serves as a reminder to slow down, embrace nature, and celebrate our individuality. It encourages us to explore sustainable and ethical fashion choices, supporting local artisans and embracing a more conscious approach to dressing.

The ‘70s hippie style symbolizes more than just a fashion trendit represents a movement that ignited a cultural revolution and continues to inspire generations to embrace their unique style and make a statement through clothing. This positive attitude around individuality is what attracts so many to the seventies history and style. As Vogue famously claimed during the 1970s, “There are no rules in the fashion game now!” Whatever you choose to wear, the most important thing is that you feel like yourself. Find ways to show off your personality through your ‘70s hippie style inspired fit.

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