Best Neutral Home Decor: Your Aesthetic Guide

Your home is your safe space. You want the walls you enter after a hectic work day to provide an aurora of rest and relaxation. It is your sanctuary and oasis away from the noise of the world. Creating a neutral, timeless atmosphere at home for your family is not as difficult as you may think.

Neutral home decor will create that alluring peace and serenity you want in your life. Creams, whites, and ivory hues have taken over the design world and we are all in favor of it. 

The neutral aesthetic promises timeless chic and style, with less focus on short fads and trends. Having neutral color schemes throughout your home allows you to experiment with color, textures, patterns, and furnishings without any long term commitment. There’s no wonder a neutral interior is so popular; it creates a clean, minimalist, and sophisticated look! 

Just like deciding what career to pursue, or choosing from the thousand types of engagement rings, decorating your home is another big life decision that can feel overwhelming! Here is a room-by-room guide to help educate you on the basics of interior design and provide free ideas and inspiration! Best of luck in your decorating!

Neutral Home Decor: The Kitchen

Whether you prefer a farmhouse, modern, minimalist or contemporary style in your kitchen;  neutral colors bring in the most amount of natural light. It makes the early mornings less gloomy as you sip your coffee in a bright space that allows the sun to shine in!

In honor of staying in a neutral color scheme, we suggest wooden accents, black metals and the occasional pop of color. Adding brass, gold, copper or other metallic fixtures will create a shiny and more refined space. It will also give a more industrial feel if that is what you are going for.

It is most important to choose a color palette that is cohesive and variative at the same time, so as to avoid anything that clashes! Before you make any big changes or purchases, take time to make a vision for your space. Take note of the size, natural light, and unique elements to each room. The kitchen is a great place to start because the appliances, counters and cupboards already fill the space.

Incorporating these decor elements into your kitchen will add a clean and decorative touch: 

And finally, every modern neutral kitchen needs a paddle/charcuterie Board to serve food on when guests are over! One of the best parts of having a home is sharing it with others. If you love hosting, consider investing in large platters and a set of wine glasses to accommodate your family and friends.


kitchen decor accessories

kitchen decor

Neutral Home Decor: The Home Office

A serene space with no distractions stimulates an efficient work day. Painting your home office a neutral color will improve your work performance tremendously! Especially if your job is remote, your office is a commonplace where you spend a significant amount of time. Have fun customizing your office so that you have the luxury of working in an organized and beautiful space.

Don't forget your accents! We gathered some of our favorite pieces to embellish your office and give it that extra tasteful touch:

  • Aesthetic Vases; especially for floral arrangements adding a pop of color in the neutral toned room
  • Shelves; preferably neutral colored to keep decorations the focal point 
  • Artwork: Opt for subtle color in your art pieces to contrast the light space 
  • Wooden or white bookshelves

Of course, the best home office decor is organization. Make sure you invest in good storage containers, woven baskets, and cup holders to keep your office from getting cluttered. Remember, less is more!


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minimalistic decor

Neutral Home Decor: The Bedroom

Your bedroom should exemplify calm and serenity and provide a safe space to rest, unwind, and indulge in alone time separate from your busy life outside. Waking up in a beautiful space that you love will change the entire course of your day. A cluttered, dark room that doesn’t express your style is bound to set you in a bad mood.

As apposed to bright colors and loud designs, neutral decorating is all about creating a simple and functional interior by using brown, beige, and cream tones. Neutral bedroom decor will add warmth, create a rustic feel, and make the room appear more spacious.

If your room is smaller, stay minimalist in your stylistic choices. Less is always more and lots of gadgets will make a room feel enclosed and claustrophobic.

  • Layering shades and incorporating a range of neutral decor materials brings interest and dimension to the space (examples include linen and wool)
  • Wooden furniture and tan hues to add a rustic feel
  • Greenery for added color, texture, and depth 
  • A dish to hold jewelry
  • Light colored bedding 
  • Wooden or white Bookshelves

Decoration doesn’t always have to be things; a good smell can elevate your space one hundred fold! Invest in a good smelling candle for your bedroom. Just make sure to blow it out before you leave the house!

neutral beige bedroom decor

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Best Neutral Home Decor: The Bathroom

A bathroom that has white covered walls insinuates cleanliness, simplicity, and timelessness. An all-white bathroom is a blank canvas for incorporating fun pops of color into the space. It conveniently matches every type of finish, whether you decide for brass, silver, or gold fixtures. White is the perfect color if you lack natural sunlight, as it helps brighten a room and reflect light (so it’s perfect for smaller bathrooms). 

Add color and character to your bathroom with decorative pieces to make the space more welcoming. Play with tile shapes and designs to add an element of interest. Grays and rich wood tones pair extraordinarily well together for a darker neutral palette while a cream and white palette carries a sleekness that will never go out of style. 

  • Soft hand towels that match your palette are necessary for creating the neutral bathroom of your dreams
  • Neutral bath towels
  • Textured storage Baskets will add detail and make space for miscellaneous items
  • A good smelling candle!

There is nothing worse than stepping out of the hot shower onto a cold tile floor. A soft bath mat is the both practical and decorative. If you’re going for the sleek, neutral look; opt for a soft colored bath mat. You will need to wash a light-colored rug more often, but it brings light and coziness!

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