Fall Family Photo Outfit Ideas: 2023


Why are family photos so daunting? Maybe because family photos are not just pictures you hang on your wall. They capture moments in time, encapsulate memories, and reflect the unique dynamics of your family. Even more so, family photos don’t just capture the people at the time. Family photos capture the people, the style (clothing, hair, make up, and more), and even the location at the time you take them.

Nonetheless, don’t overlook the power of your outfit choice for family photos. A well-coordinated ensemble can elevate your family photos, making them look put-together and visually pleasing perfect for hanging on your wall. With autumn's arrival, it's time to explore some fall family photo outfits ideas.

So, feel free to take a look at our new arrivals or keep reading for some tips and tricks for fall family photo outfit ideas.

Fall family photo outfit ideas.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Outfits

The outfits you choose for your family photos can make a world of difference. Well-selected attire can enhance the overall quality and aesthetic of the pictures. Coordinated outfits create a cohesive look. Don’t get confused though, coordination doesn't mean everyone should wear the same exact outfit. It's about finding a common thread - be it color, style, or pattern - that ties all the outfits together while still allowing each family member's individuality to shine through.

Trendy Fall Family Photo Outfit Ideas

As we dive into the heart of fall fashion, let's explore some trendy outfit ideas that could add a fall touch to your family photos.

  1. Plaid Patterns: Plaid is synonymous with fall. Whether it's a tartan dress for mom, a gingham shirt for dad, or plaid skirts for the kids, these patterns can add a pop of visual interest and autumnal charm to your photos.
  2. Earth Tones: Warm earth tones such as browns, oranges, and burgundies embody the essence of fall. Incorporating these colors into your outfits can harmonize your family's look with the beautiful fall backdrop.
  3. Layering: Layering is not only practical for the cooler fall weather but also adds depth and texture to your outfits. Layering also gives you the option to change your look part way through your photos by adding a cardigan or removing a layer. When it comes to layers, think chunky knits over collared shirts, a trendy jacket over a lightweight sweater, or a cute cardigan over a dress.

Fall photo outfit ideas.

Casual Outfit Ideas for Fall Family Photos

While it's nice to dress up for photos, comfort should never be compromised especially when it comes to kids. Here are some casual yet family photo acceptable outfit ideas that ensure everyone looks good without sacrificing comfort.

  1. Denim and Sweaters: A classic combination that never goes out of style. Pair denim jeans with cozy sweaters in complementary colors for a relaxed, yet cohesive look.
  2. Comfy Cardigans: Cardigans are versatile, comfortable, and perfect for fall. They are easily layered over t-shirts or dresses and come in a variety of styles and colors.
  3. Matching Graphic Tees: For a fun and casual twist, consider matching graphic tees. Choose ones with a fall theme or color scheme to keep in line with the season.

Fall family photo outfit ideas

Color Coordination Tips for Fall Family Photos

Color coordination is key in creating visually pleasing family photos. First of all, don’t be afraid to consult Pinterest for some ideas, but before you do, here are some ideas to get you thinking: 

  1. Choose 2-3 Main Colors: Start by picking two or three main colors that everyone's outfits will revolve around. These could be traditional fall colors like red, orange, yellow, brown, or more neutral tones like beige, navy, or gray.
  2. Consider Your Background: If you're taking photos outdoors, consider the natural fall colors in your location. Try to choose a color palette that compliments, rather than clashes with the background.
  3. Balance Bright and Neutral Colors: If you choose a bright color as one of your main colors, balance it out with more subdued, neutral tones to avoid overwhelming the photo. Also, a word to the wise, choose colors that go well with your skin tone.

Fall family outfit ideas

How to Accessorize Your Fall Family Photo Outfits

Accessories can add the finishing touches to your outfits and bring your whole look together. For fall, consider scarves, hats, and jewelry in coordinating colors. Scarves and hats can add texture and interest, while jewelry can add a bit of sparkle and elegance. Just remember not to overdo it – the goal is to complement your outfits, not overshadow them.

Accessories for family photos.

Making the Most of Your Fall Family Photo Shoot

Despite how the pictures turn out (effortless and fun), taking family photos doesn’t tend to be effortless and fun. So, after you've chosen your outfits, it's time to think about the photo shoot itself. Here are some tips to ensure everything goes smoothly and you end up with photos you’ll cherish for years to come:

  1. Choose the Right Time: The golden hour, just before sunset, or blue hour, just after sunrise, are often the best time for outdoor photography. The light is usually soft and warm, making for beautiful, glowing photos. The soft glow of golden or blue hour is also known to make your skin glow. You’re welcome.
  2. Pick a Meaningful Location: Whether it's a local park, a family farm, or your own backyard, choose a location that has significance to your family. This adds an extra layer of meaning to your photos.
  3. Work with a Professional: You don’t want to put all the work into coordinating outfits, the right location, the right time, and more just to have the photos turn out poorly. That’s why choosing a  professional photographer is so important. Don’t be fooled though, not all photographers are created equal. Here’s a few things to look for when choosing a photographer: 
    1. Do you like their style? Do you prefer warm and light photos or the ones more true to color and vibrant? Choose someone who has the same style.
    2. Are you comfortable around them? Some of the best pictures are the candid ones, so you should feel comfortable in front of the one behind the camera. 
    3. Can they direct the shoot? Standing around waiting for the photographer to take charge and direct the shoot can be a fast track to frustration and impatience. Of course you don’t want someone overbearing, but direction is needed for family photos. 
  4. Stay Relaxed and Have Fun: The best photos are often the ones where everyone is relaxed and having fun. Don't worry too much about getting the perfect shot - focus on enjoying the experience, and your joy will shine through in the photos. Don’t be afraid to bribe the little ones with a sweet treat for good behavior.

Fall family photo outfit ideas.


Outfits play a significant role in creating memorable family photos, but they're just one piece of the puzzle. The location, timing, and your family's energy also contribute to the final results. Remember - these photos are all about capturing your family's unique dynamic and making lasting memories. So, pick outfits that reflect your style, plan your shoot carefully, and most importantly - have fun with it.

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