Guide on What to Wear to a Baby Shower [2024 addition]

A survey done recently by Aptaclub discovered that 64% of expecting mommas have a baby shower, and 72% of people have more than one baby shower. So it looks like this guide is going to be your best friend! 

Choosing the right outfit for a baby shower is not merely a matter of personal style but a gesture that holds significance in expressing respect, contributing to the celebratory atmosphere, creating memories, and ensuring the expecting mom feels supported and loved! That being said, no one is going to remember what you wore, so don’t overthink it!

A nice casual outfit will almost always cut it, just remember not to wear anything that will take away attention from the expecting mom you all are celebrating!

what to wear to a baby shower

Is there a Dress Code?

Typically, the baby shower atmosphere will reflect settings that the expecting mom is comfortable in. If the expecting mom is laid back and low-maintenance, then her shower most likely will be as well! 

Casual and Laid-back showers

When attending a casual and laid-back baby shower, comfort is key while maintaining a touch of style. Opt for relaxed yet chic outfits, such as a comfortable sundress, a pair of well-fitted jeans paired with a cute top, or a flowy maxi dress.

nouveau and vintage

Semi-formal or Dressy Baby Showers

For a semi-formal or dressy baby shower, elevate your style while maintaining a tasteful and sophisticated look. Opt for a knee-length dress or a stylish blouse paired with tailored pants or a skirt. Consider more refined fabrics such as lace, silk, or chiffon to add a touch of elegance. 

Soft pastels, subdued prints, or classic neutrals work well for a polished appearance. Don't shy away from tasteful accessories like statement earrings or a clutch to complement your ensemble. Heels or dressy flats can complete the look, adding a touch of formality without sacrificing comfort. Remember, the key is to strike a balance between refinement and comfort, ensuring you look and feel your best as you celebrate this special occasion with the mom-to-be and fellow guests.

Factors to Consider

Time and location of the baby shower


Consider breathable fabrics, especially during warmer seasons, and feel free to incorporate playful patterns or soft pastel colors to enhance the celebratory mood. Don't forget to accessorize with items like a stylish hat, comfortable flats, or casual sandals. Embrace a laid-back elegance that strikes the right balance between comfort and a touch of flair, allowing you to enjoy the festivities with ease while looking effortlessly put together.


baby shower dress code

These are some of our favorite sweaters right now! Any of these options would make for perfect casual baby shower attire.

Shown left to right are:

The baby shower theme, if any

If there is a theme and a dress code, follow it! Common themes for baby showers include:

“Baby in Bloom” (Garden Party Themed Baby Shower)

spring baby shower

Between these 3 dresses and more on our website, there is something for all ages and personalities of women!

Pictured left to right:

Princess Themed Baby Shower

baby shower gifts

Have fun with it! Every girl grew up playing princess dress up, so channel your inner imagination!

Pictured left to right:

In conclusion, navigating the perfect outfit for a baby shower involves a thoughtful blend of style, comfort, and consideration for the occasion. Whether embracing the casual charm of a laid-back celebration or stepping into semi-formal elegance, the key is to align personal fashion with the unique atmosphere of the event. 

By understanding dress codes, considering the venue, and appreciating the significance of the moment, you can confidently select an outfit that not only reflects your individuality but also contributes to the joyous celebration. As you embark on this fashion journey, remember that the most important accessory is your genuine enthusiasm for the mom-to-be and the shared excitement for the arrival of the little one. Cheers to celebrating in style and making cherished memories that will be as timeless as your carefully chosen attire.

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