How the For Love and Lemons Lemon Print became Iconic 🍋💛

It is not secret around here that we are BIG FANS of For Love and Lemons. Everything from their killer modern romantic pieces ranging from delicate corset tops to show stopping festival dresses the ladies behind the brand are always reinventing themselves in fresh and inspiring ways. 

When we think back to what inspired us to want to bring in the brand their 2017 Lemon Print Jumpsuit comes to mind! Yes it was that rendition of what has now become an iconic print for the brand that tipped the scales and we wrote them that very season! 

Lets take a little trip down memory lane! 

for love and lemons lemon print jumper for love and lemons lemon print jumper
Wow we miss Blogger 2017 Style :) 

How did For Love and Lemons Start?

We always like to learn more about our the brands we carry got their start. We like to carry a selection brands from the well-established to one-person operations (hey it wasn't that long ago that was us!) Well For Love and Lemons is clearly on the more well established side of things but turns out even they had humble beginnings! 

Like all good things it started when two childhood best friends knew that their creativity and business savvy would would be go beyond their Wyoming Lemonade Stand and land them in the center the LA fashion world.

 For Love and Lemons Lemon PrintFor Love and Lemons Lemon Print

Sometimes when you put our creativity out in the world (even tho sometimes not fully baked) you never know what you might receive in return. Like when Laura and Gillian put their first line EVER of For Love and Lemons leggings on instagram way back when and a serendipitous scrolling on the other side of the country lead to a fateful trip to a New York City Showroom!

For love and Lemons Lemon Print

Fast Forward to the much beloved brand we now know! We love this story because they started with faith in each other and attracted the opportunity that would change their life! 

The Updated Iconic Lemon Print

Now that you know how they started lets look at what is NEW for Spring 2023!

We are loving this fresh playful take on the iconic Lemon print in the Alana Crop top and Cheryl Short 🍋💛

For love and Lemons Alana Crop TopFor Love and Lemons Cheryl lemon Print Short

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