How To Style a Slip Dress (11 Tips By Fashion Experts)

Elegance and simplicity. Those words capture the essence of the recent, popular wardrobe go-to. Easily converted to work appropriate attire, the slip-dress has ventured past the typical assumption of an undergarment and seeped its way into a silky, stylish dress fit for various life occasions. 

Running errands for the day and want to shop in an effortless style? Opt for dressing the slip dress down and pair the sleek fabric with trainers and a blazer for a sporty look. The more you see how versatile the slip dress is, you may realize there is hardly a time when you cannot wear it! 

Although one factor does come into play– the material. You may wonder how on earth do I run around in a thin, slip-dress all year long? Don’t fret, we lined up some of our favorite tips and tricks on how to style a slip dress from when the air is blistering cold to when we can’t escape the heat. 

How to Style a Slip Dress in the Winter Months 

#1 Style a Slip Dress with a Sweater 

One of our top recommendations when it comes to braving the cold in style means snuggling into a slouchy sweater to keep your look casual and cozy. Bundle up with a chunky, turtleneck sweater thrown over the silky fabric. Mixing textures adds contrast and dimension to your style, elevating your look altogether. 

Cropped sweaters pair beautifully with slip dresses, because they provide warmth and style without compromising shape. Wearing a cropped sweater or cardigan over your slip dress keeps you from looking too boxy and frumpy. If you don’t have a cropped sweater, try wearing your bra on top of your slip dress and then tucking the sweater into the bra underneath! No one will know.

sweater over slip dress

#2 Style a Slip Dress with an Oversized Blazer 

Pairing a structured blazer and belt in contrasted colors to your dress provides a nice tonal look for the colder months. The layers keep you warm while also adding an interesting twist to spruce up the dress. Even when it isn’t cold out, a blazer elevates your look to professional and work-appropriate.

blazer over slip dress

#3 Style a Slip Dress with a Button Down

The spaghetti straps don’t do the job when it comes to keeping most of your exposed upper body warm.  The suggestion of a button-down top underneath alters this predicament. Keeping it neutral with a plain shirt keeps the main focus on the beautiful color of the sensational silky dress. But, if you’re feeling playful try out a pop of color with your top instead! 

How to Style a Slip Dress In the Summer 

#4 Short Slip Dress 

When the sun’s rays are pouring down and you dab your forehead as the little beads of sweat drip down, you will be grateful you opted for minimal clothing with a thin, short dress. A mini slip dress is great when you want to catch any breeze that comes your way on sweltering hot days. 

Whether you’re attending a picnic and are looking for Garden Party Attire, or simply taking a walk along the beach, a slip dress will keep you flirty and cool. Shove your layers deep into your closet, and grab your accessories to liven up your fit. Spunky earrings and a mini purse are all you need! 

#5 Slip Dress with a White Tee 

Whether it's long or mini, throwing a thin white tee underneath can casualize your favorite slip dress during those sunny days. If you’re looking for more coverage, wearing a shirt underneath is a great way to stay stylish and modest.

white shirt under slip dress

How to Dress- Up a Slip Dress

#6 Slip Dress for a Wedding 

With a slip dress hanging in your closet, you will never question what to wear when you receive the next wedding invitation. It’s as simple as pairing your dress with a pair of heels – and voila, you have a statement look for the wedding! Select darker hues for winter weddings, whereas lighter shades of color pair well for the springtime celebrations. 

wedding guest dress

#7 Slip Dress as Office- Appropriate 

To get away with wearing a slip dress in a more conservative setting you can add tights and an oversized coat or blazer on top. Showing up in the office looking polished in a slip dress makes for a statement in the cubicles. 

#8 Slip Dress for Date Night  

Dress up this silky number for a sexy night on the town. Adding a corset over top of your dress provides the right amount of edge and dimension to the dress to take it up a level. 

sexy slip dress

How to Style a Slip Dress for Casual Looks 

#9 Slip Dress for Running Errands 

Contrary to popular belief, this lustrous dress can be worn in Trader Joes– and totally, not be out of place. While you still may be the best dressed in the store, it is possible to tone a slip dress down and not make it look like you’re about to head to a red carpet. Grab your favorite canvas tote and cotton long-sleeve to throw on underneath. Pair with lace-up boots to bring an edgy vibe in order to balance out the ultra feminine look of the silk. 

#10 Slip Dress with Sandals

While slip dresses are often regarded as “fancy occasion wear only”, sandals take it down a level. The casual sandals offset the elegance of the dress flawlessly.  

#11 Slip Dress with Sneakers

Pairing dresses with sneakers is not as foreign as you may think. Top models like Bella Hadid have shown us that sporting a slip dress with your favorite running shoes means to be effortlessly stylish. Bella’s approval was all we needed to go full throttle with all day comfort in our dress and our feet! 

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