Leather Pants, Unlimited Style: What to Wear With Them

If you’ve ever fancied the look of leather pants, there’s no time like now to try wearing them yourself! Of course, if you want to wear leather pants then you’ll want to know what to wear with leather pants—and there are so many options!

If leather pants never interested you in the past, it may be time to revisit the idea of incorporating leather into your wardrobe! Contrary to what you might have thought in the past, leather pants do not only come in skin-tight legging styles, nor are they exclusively black in color. Leather pants are currently having a renaissance, and they are not only being reintroduced, but reinvented! Gone are the days of only being able to find skinny-styled leather pants, and here are the days of finding trouser styles, straight-leg cuts, and nearly any other style you can dream of!

While pants are sometimes second to tops in terms of using them to express personal style, make no mistake that leather pants can add the perfect amount of flair while still allowing for a variety of outfit pairings. Leather pants are inherently sleek and sophisticated, but they can also be styled after classic pop and rock styles—either way, there are certain tips that will help you style them perfectly for any occasion. Keep reading for our take on what to wear with leather pants.

what to wear with leather pants

What to Wear With Leather Pants: Dressing Them Down

If you really love the look of leather pants and want to incorporate them into your day-to-day wardrobe as a common staple, then knowing how to dress them down is key. We’ve assembled some of our favorite tips for dressing down leather pants to create relaxed, cute, and comfortable looks.

  • Pair straight-leg leather pants with ankle boots, sneakers, or flat sandals in neutral colors.
  • Throw on a casual t-shirt—either a solid color or a graphic tee. 
  • On colder days, or just to add more texture and contrast, finish your outfit with a classic denim jacket.

What to Wear With Leather Pants: Casual but Chic

Leather pants are the perfect in-between for laid-back errands and fancy nights out. Whether you’re looking to style brown or black leather pants, both are a wonderfully neutral yet bold, solid color choice that can pair easily with almost anything. 

  • Keep things simple with a nice t-shirt, but tuck it in this time!
  • For a warm day or special night out, pair your leather pants with a colorful corset top!

floral corset top

Our For Love and Lemons Lauren Floral Crop Top would pair perfectly with any pair of leather pants!

  • Find some shoes that are somewhere in the middle—nicer sneakers, flats, or cute sandals. Keep in mind the cut of your leather pants; certain shoes will go better with your ensemble depending on whether your leather pants are skinny, cropped, flair, or straight-leg.
  • Wear a fitted jacket to stay warm and add a little more class. Jackets are great for transitioning an outfit into something a little more chic towards the end of the night—even if you styled your leather pants with a simple t-shirt and sneakers, if you have a stylish jacket on hand, then you can create a whole new ensemble!

pink fringe jacket

While any jacket would add a nice touch to leather, our Barbie Core Sequin Fringe Jacket would really complete your outfit for an exciting night out!

What to Wear With Leather Pants: A More Refined Ensemble

While leather pants make for a wonderful casual look, they can also be paired with more formal clothing and accessories for a wonderfully refined ensemble. 

  • Stand out with a sleek pair of heels. If you’re going out to dinner or a party, a good pair of heels are just what you’ll need to elevate your look. If it’s winter and you’re trying to stay nice and warm, heeled boots always look fantastic with leather pants.
  • Slip on a flowy or fitted blouse to add a softer touch, or pair with a cropped or oversized sweater on colder days!

cream sweater

Our For Love and Lemons Amelia Cross Front Turtleneck is the perfect sweater to pair with leather pants during colder months!

  • Look for unique fits! If you really want to stand out, look for a unique cut of leather pants—maybe with belted tie to accentuate your waist, or something else that will 

Leather Pants: More Than Simple Black Leather

If you’re intrigued by the look of leather but aren’t hooked on the more classic looks, don’t let that scare you away! Maybe there’s a bold texture out there that would strike your fancy, or a cut that would fit your personality perfectly. There are so many more ways to incorporate leather into your wardrobe beyond the looks you see in classic movies. The classic colors for leather pants—and for all leather clothing and accessories, for that matter—is black and brown. However, there are so many other colors to choose from! 

brown leather pants

Deep hues like olive green, maroon, navy blue or rich plum are lovely for the fall season, while lighter neutral colors like white and light tan can make a lovely spring statement. If you’re really wanting your leather pants to pop, there are plenty of brightly-colored leather pant options as well. Feeling more mellow? Pastel colors such as light blue or lilac might be just the thing for you.

If wearing genuine animal skin is what’s holding you back, know that there are plenty of vegan leather options out there! Read more about how faux leather is made.

And if leather pants really aren’t for you, that doesn’t mean leather can’t be your best friend! Leather jackets add the same amount of style, and jackets are generally more versatile than pants anyways! You could also try adding accessories like belts, jewelry or handbags. When it comes to leather, the possibilities are truly endless!

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