Rainbow-Ready: What to Wear to Pride

what to wear to pride

Even if you’ve never been to a Pride parade, you’ve probably seen pictures and heard stories to imagine it: Rainbow flags of all sizes waving in the wind, held in the hands of children and adults alike. Glitter, face paint, and extravagant makeup adorning the faces of all, young and old. Strangers with their arms around each other, everyone in support of one another despite any differences you might see. Colors everywhere, flags thrown around shoulders to serve as capes, and above all, unity shown through endless individuality.

The only rule for what to wear to a Pride parade (or to any occasion where rainbows are involved) is that there are no rules. Wear whatever will make you feel the most confident, joyful, and ready to celebrate!

Whether you’ll be celebrating Pride in your local community or traveling to an exciting big city to take part in even more festivities, you’ll want to make sure you are dressed for the occasion. Keep reading for tips on what to wear to Pride this year!

What to Wear to Pride: The Brighter Colors, The Better The Fit

If Pride outfits are characterized by anything, it’s the color. The most obvious color(s) to wear to a rainbow parade are, well, rainbow colors—but you don’t necessarily need to wear the entire rainbow of colors yourself in order to be part of the larger rainbow created by all the people attending Pride coming together. If bright blue is your favorite color, wear an outfit that is entirely that color! If neon green is your favorite, then by all means go ahead and find as many neon green pieces as you can! 

While we would normally recommend creating outfits based on colors that go well together, Pride is one of very few occasions when color coordination can really be thrown entirely out the window. Of course some people might still want to pull things together that look pleasing to the aesthetically-minded eye, but the main goal overall is to wear as many colors as you can, and not care what anyone else thinks! That is the beauty of Pride, and since most people don’t get to experience that kind of wardrobe freedom on a daily basis, now is your time to take advantage of it!

Our For Love And Lemons Clementine Pink Mini Dress is one of our favorites for packing a punch of hot pink!

floral mini dress

If you want something with a bit more color variation but aren’t big on neon colors, then our For Love and Lemons Rosalyn Mini Dress is perfect for you!

What to Wear to Pride: Fringe, Rainbow Fringe, and Sparkly Fringe

If you want to feel extravagant, shimmery, and flashy, then fringe is definitely the way to go. Pretty much any item of clothing—jackets, shirts, pants, and any other iteration of those types—can be elevated to a Pride parade standard by adding fringe. And the fringe itself can be found in countless iterations—short, long, shimmery, neon—providing versatility and uniqueness. 

sequin fringe jacket

Our vintage silver sequin fringe jacket is the perfect piece if you are looking for some sparkle and shine. 

black fringe jacket

If you’re looking for something a little darker that will make a bold statement in the crowd of color, our Cruise Black Mirror Sequin Fringe Jacket would do just the trick. While we certainly wouldn’t recommend wearing too much black to a rainbow parade, the sequins and open weave of this fringe jacket make it perfect for pairing over some other brighter colors. 

What to Wear to Pride: Bring on the Tactile Textures!

Nothing is more fun than a texture that begs to be touched and felt. Whether it’s sequined, silky, or studded, texture is always a good idea. Especially in a parade where everyone is trying to wear every color of the rainbow, looking to add variation not only in colors and patterns but also in the texture and tactile feel of your outfit is a great way to add even more variation!

pink satin mini dress

Our Vanessa Mooney Elizabeth Romper Dress in Pink Satin is perfectly silky and smooth.

pink party dress

Our Pink Party Dress: Let’s Get Touchy Feely dress is made from a shaggy pink material, making it fun to see, fun to wear, and fun to feel. 

What to Wear to Pride: No Better Place For Sparkle And Shine

Pride parades are all about letting the parts of you that you are most proud of sparkle and shine, and nothing says glitter and shine quite like sequin-studded ensembles. Sequins can make subtle or overt appearances, either covering an item completely or appearing only in the trim. If you’re attending a Pride parade out in the bright sun of summer, wearing as many sequins as possible will bring so much light and sparkle into your ensemble! 

white fringe jacket

Our Cruise Sequin Fringe Jacket features both sequins and fringe—a stellar combination, in our humble opinion—in an airy, see-through design that will keep you cool under the summer sun.

Remember, Pride Is in June—Which Means the Sun Is Going To Be Out

what to wear to pride

While it’s easy to get caught up in planning your outfit and planning where to meet up with friends who are also going to Pride, it’s important to remember that Pride parades take place during one of the hottest times of the year. Luckily, this means you can wear shorts and crop tops without worrying about getting cold—but more importantly, this means the sun will be out, on full blast. Since Pride is usually an all-day celebration, you’ll want to be sure to wear sunscreen, as well as make plans to have a hat and sunglasses on hand. Of course, your hat and sunglasses are totally part of your overall look, and if you want to wear rainbow gear then now is your time to shine!

If you’re looking for a Pride parade near you, check out this calendar!

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