What to Wear in 80 Degree Weather: Summer Fashion Guide

The days are heating up, and now that the summer solstice has come and gone, summer is truly here. If you’re anything like us, your favorite season probably has something to do with the fashion that goes along with it. After all, can anyone really love winter without loving sweaters, coats, and boots? 

While summer fashion might seem more simple at first glance—after all, you don’t need nearly as many layers as the colder months require—it’s not always easy to know what to wear in 80 degree weather. Staying cool under the sun is a must, but so is maintaining personal style and personality. And while we all wish we could live in swimsuits and bask on a sandy beach 24/7, there are other places to be and things to do. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite pieces to help you know what to wear in 80 degree weather!

Bright Dresses, A Summer Staple

The first step to knowing what to wear in 80 degree weather is knowing that less fabric is (almost) always better. Sure, some pieces need a little more swish, but when the weather is hot, layers and unnecessary coverage is the last thing you want. When the sun is out, you want it to touch and kiss your skin as much as possible so that your tan and memories can last you far into the colder months until you make it to summer once again. Sleeveless dresses are easily one of summer’s best treasures.

what to wear in 80 degree weather

  • Nothing says summer like the perfect combination of bold and soft colors, and our For Love and Lemons Vista Ombre Maxi Dress is the perfect example. This dress captures the essence of all the best summer sunsets, and the longer length makes it ideal for any of the more formal occasions you may find yourself attending this summer.

Floral mini dress

  • You will want to have a good collection of dresses to pull from on hot days, and the Tamra Floral Mini Dress is the perfect addition to your closet. Dresses are a life-saver in 80 degree weather because they are breathable, flowy and easy to move in!

Beat The 80 Degree Heat With Breezy Fabrics

When looking for what to wear in 80 degree weather, the type of fabric makes all the difference—whether you opt for a mini dress or a maxi dress, the breezier the better. There are some fabrics that are obviously meant for colder seasons, but many textiles that can be perfect for summer fashion if used the right way! Light cotton or satin, lace, and gauzy materials are ideal for hot days in the sun.

ruffle eyelet top

  • This Ruffle Eyelet Top is made of lightweight cotton, and its oversized ruffle eyelet sleeves make it nice and cool for hot summer days. While tight fabric creates lovely silhouettes, loose material will let the summer breeze blow away intense heat waves.

lace mini dress

  • Our For Love and Lemons Cleo Mini Dress is a perfect example of how lace can allow you to incorporate sleeves in your look, even on a hot day. In 80 degree weather, you would normally avoid anything close to long, tight sleeves—but if lace is the textile on hand, everything becomes cooler and the possibilities are endless.

What To Wear in 80 Degree Weather? Rompers Are Ready For Anything

Dresses and shorts are classic summertime looks, but if there’s one item of clothing that is rising to the top this summer, it’s the romper. Rompers can easily be dressed up or down, and while many rompers can be worn throughout multiple seasons, summer is truly when they get to shine. They are the perfect combination of casual and dressy, and nothing is easier than a single piece of clothing making an entire outfit.

romper dress

  • Our Vanessa Mooney Elizabeth Romper Dress is romantic, flirty, and elegant—is there anything more you could ask for in a summer ensemble? Rompers are the perfect in-between when you want the comfort of shorts but the style of a dress, and the satin fabric of our romper dresses will elevate that style even more. Wearing this romper dress, you’ll be ready for a sunset walk at the beach, a summer soiree, or a celebratory dinner with that special someone.

Wide-Brim Hats: The Sunny Day Must-Have 

If you are dressing for 80 degree weather, chances are you’re dressing for a sunny day. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from past summers, it’s that sun protection is always in. Hats make excellent statement pieces while also protecting your face from damaging sun rays. 

wide brimmed hat

  • The Spencer Suede hat is handmade by artisans in Mexico, and is made of 100% baked palm leaf. The tight weave of the palm leaves creates a sophisticated feel and look, making this the perfect hat to wear to the pool, on a boat off the coast of Spain, or to a classic summer soiree. 
what to wear in 80 degree weather

If you prefer a hat with a band around the crown, look no further than the Spencer Boater Suede. This Spencer variety is woven of natural wheat straw and trimmed with a black ribbon. Not only does this boater hat deliver impeccable style, it also offers incredible sun protection at 50+ UPF.

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