What to Wear to a Comedy Show: Laugh in Style

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, you might be surprised by the rising popularity of comedy shows—though it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. Relatability can have a special appeal, and what’s more relatable than a well-told story examining cultural peculiarities and poking fun at oneself? Comedy has a unique ability to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together for a night of roaring, howling laughter. 

But wait—have you ever dressed up for a night out only to be disappointed by a lackluster quality of entertainment? Well, our tip is this: dress for the quality of entertainment you want to receive. That way, even if the humor disappoints or the jokes fall short, at least you’ll be ready for whatever else comes your way!

If you’ve never been to a comedy show, you’re most likely wondering what to wear. Many comedy shows are in theaters—but comedy shows are definitely different from ballets, operas, or plays. Some comedy shows are in slightly less refined spaces, like pubs or hole-in-the-wall shops—but you still want an excuse to dress up, because what else is a night out really for?

Keep reading for our 3 comedy show fashion rules, as well as some Nouveau And Vintage favorites to inspire your next comedy show ensemble.

What to Wear to a Comedy Show, Rule #1: Know the Vibe

If you know where you’ll be attending a comedy show, it should be easy to look up the venue and figure out what type of dress code you’ll need to plan for. In any case, it’s best to avoid flip-flops, casual sports attire, and the like since that type of apparel is usually against dress codes. If you’ve had friends who have attended a show at that venue before, make sure to ask them for their fashion advice—after all, what else are friends for if not to help you know how to dress for every event?

One piece of fashion advice that will likely apply to most venues is one you’ve probably heard countless times before: make sure the bag you bring for the night is either small or clear. 

What to wear to a comedy show

Our Cora Western Belt Bag is ideal for any night out—it stays close to your chest, so you won’t have to worry about losing anything, and its small size (6” by 8”) means it will pass security checks while also holding your essentials for the night. This perfect belt bag features three card slots, one central compartment that easily fits your phone, and a buckle enclosure. The cowhide leather and silver-tone hardware make it the ideal fashion accessory. The best part? This bag comes in three different colors: black, camel, and off white.

What to Wear to a Comedy Show, Rule #2: Stay Safe With Dressy Casual

Like we’ve mentioned before, the best way to stay safe when it comes to fashion is to dress to impress—even if there isn’t an explicitly stated dress code. The easiest way to do this is to pair a nice pair of jeans with a special blouse, or find a more casual dress to pair with your favorite accessories. 

 embroidered flared jeans

If embroidered jeans are your thing (and they certainly should be), then our Farrah X Daisy Daydream Embroidered Flare Jeans are perfect for you. These jeans are the perfect combo of dressy and casual, while also being perfect for any other summer outing you might embark on in addition to comedy shows. And if white jeans are more your thing, you’re in luck. Our Farrah in White X Bluebell Fleur Jeans are whimsical and provide the perfect vintage vibes.

white lace top

Of course you’ll need the perfect blouse to pair with your embroidered jeans, and we’ve found the perfect one: the Ruffle Eyelet Top. This light cotton top easily pairs with a variety of bottoms, and the ruffles and eyelet details make it the ideal summer staple—romantic, feminine, and bright. This top is the perfect combination of dressy and casual, and can easily lean more towards one or the other depending on how you choose to style it, making it a perfect piece to use to dress for a comedy show.

What to Wear to a Comedy Show, Rule #3: Be Comfortable Enough to Laugh

Comedy shows are intended to relieve stress with the simplest of medicines: laughter. Feeling comfortable will allow you to laugh all the more, so be sure to wear something that will feel good the whole night. And don’t forget, this includes shoes! Even though you’ll most likely be sitting down during the comedy show itself, there’s sure to be lots of socializing before and after the show, as well as walking around the city to find the perfect pre-show meal or post-show desert! Luckily, since comedy shows are usually on the more casual side, ditching heels and wearing mules, sneakers, low-heeled boots, or loafers is an easy comfort move. 

In addition to comfortable shoes, make sure to find out whether or not your particular comedy show will be outdoors or indoors. While most comedy shows are inside, summer brings all sorts of entertainment to outdoor stages and venues. If the one you’re attending does happen to be outside, make sure to wear a hat or sunglasses so you won’t have to squint to get all the laughs you deserve!

comfy summer hat

If you’re looking for the perfect hat to add to your wardrobe and make a summer staple, look no further than our Spencer Boater Suede. Its timeless look will make it easy to pair with any ensemble.

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