What to Wear to a Drag Show: 9 Fierce and Fabulous Pieces

For first-timers, attending a drag show can feel exciting and liberating, but also a little intimidating. What do you wear to a drag show? How sparkly is too sparkly? Is your outfit glamorous enough? Is the wig too much or does it add the perfect final touch to your look? If you have any doubts about what to wear so you feel comfortable and fabulous at a drag show, you’ve come to the right place! 

If you are brand new to the drag show scene, it’s important to understand what a drag show is. While drag queens used to refer exclusively to gay men dressed as females to a point of exaggerated female appearance, in the current drag culture, anyone and everyone is welcome to take part in experiencing the songs, dances, and acts of drag shows today.

The most important question is, if truly anything goes at a drag show, then how do you know what look is best for you specifically? Drag shows are all about being authentic to yourself, so you’ll want to feel totally comfortable—but also thrillingly audacious—in whatever you end up wearing. 

What to Wear to a Drag Show: Corset Crop Top

There are very few things that feel more feminine than a corset—especially if that corset is pink, ruffly, and covered in flowers, like our For Love and Lemons Lauren Floral Crop Top. Corsets are perfect for pairing with pretty much any other item, and their tight-fitting look makes it ideal for pairing with something flowier!

what to wear to a drag show

What to Wear to a Drag Show: Fringe, Fringe, and More Fringe

If you want to feel extravagant, shimmery, and flashy, then fringe is definitely the way to go. Pretty much any item of clothing—jackets, shirts, pants, and any other iteration of those types—can be elevated to a drag show standard by adding fringe. And the fringe itself can be found in countless iterations—short, long, shimmery, neon—providing versatility and uniqueness. Our vintage silver sequin fringe jacket is the perfect piece if you are looking for some sparkle and shine. 

silver fringe jacket

Bring on the Bling!

Your first thought when planning out what to wear to a drag show might be clothes, but let us tell you, the right accessories are just as important! Like we’ve said before, pretty much anything goes at a drag show, so if you want to wear the biggest earrings, the chunkiest necklaces, or the most shine you’ve ever worn, don’t be afraid to hold back! 

what to wear to a drag show

We recommend wearing a statement necklace to drag shows, at the very least. Our Luv AJ Emerald Pave Pendant Necklace features a bold gold chain and an emerald-shaped pendant studded with sparkle.

what to wear to a drag show

Chunky bracelets are also an ideal accessory for wearing to drag shows, and our Luv AJ LOLA Large Link Bracelet is perfect, with its luxurious finish and varying sizes of interlocking oval links.


What to Wear to a Drag Show: Texture that Wants to be Touched

Nothing is more fun than a texture that begs to be touched and felt. Whether it’s sequined, silky, or studded, texture is always a good idea. The standout feature of our Pink Party Dress: Let’s Get Touchy Feely dress is the shaggy pink material, making it fun to see, fun to wear, and fun to feel. 

pink mini dress

What to Wear to a Drag Show: Lace!

Because of its finer, delicate appearance, lace inherently carries an extremely feminine feel, which is exactly what most people try to go for when attending drag shows. Our For Love and Lemons Frances Puff Sleeve Mini Dress puts a fabulous spin on classic lace, which is important because if you don’t style lace carefully, it can easily look dated. If you do choose to incorporate lace into your look, follow these tips: 

white lace dress

  • Opt for unlined lace so that your skin shows through for a modern, edgier look
  • Skin-tight lace is best, but added texture, such as the puffed sleeves in our For Love and Lemons Frances Puff Mini Dress, can add an appealing amount of variety

Florals to the Extreme

Flowers add shape, color, and excitement to pretty much anything, and that includes clothes! If you’re looking to incorporate flowers into your drag show look, there are many options. You could look for fabric with printed floral designs, or find something with more three-dimensional flower additions. Our For Love and Lemons Luna Maxi Dress features embroidered spring flowers on unlined tulle fabric, making for a sweet yet daring appearance.

floral maxi dress

What to Wear to a Drag Show: Sequins Galore

Drag shows are all about glitter and shine, and nothing says glitter and shine quite like sequin-studded ensembles. Sequins can make subtle or overt appearances, either covering an item completely or appearing only in the trim. If you’re attending a drag show, you should feel free to go all out! Our Cruise Sequin Fringe Jacket features both sequins and fringe—a stellar combination, in our humble opinion—in an airy, see-through design.

sparkle jacket

What to Wear to a Drag Show: Anything that Makes You Feel Like a Queen

The most important thing to consider when deciding what to wear to a drag show is what will make you feel the absolute best. A drag show is an opportunity for self-expression and freedom from outside expectations, so take advantage of this opportunity to wear something you’ve always wanted to wear! Whether it’s something bordering on elegance while still showing plenty of skin, like our For Love and Lemons Elora Mini Dress, or something full of every color and texture imaginable, what will make you feel the most like you?

black midi dress

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