Galentines Day Outfits: XOXO-Worthy

While all of our married friends are asking,              “how do I make my in-laws happy?” and how long does it take to get a ring resized?,” our biggest problem is finding the right outfit for Galentine’s Day!

Whether you’re in a relationship with the partner of your dreams, or still braving Hinge dates followed by dating hiatuses like the rest of us, Galentine’s Day is for the girls. Cause let’s be honest, boys will come and go, but the girls are here to stay. 

The shockingly secret about single ladies, is although they may put on a ‘boo-hoo-I-hate-being-single’ face, they have the most fun. And they know it, too. They don’t need an excuse to have a good time, so Galentine’s day is just another reason to ditch the boys, get dressed up, and dance the night away.

Ask most girls, and they will attest that the best part of any event is the getting ready. While the glow-up process begins a couple of days pre-event - self-tanner, nails, shaving, hair wash, etc.-  you can find a girl and her best friends all getting ready together starting a few hours before. There’s one mirror for all five of them, everyone’s makeup is mixed up, and they’re door dashing McDonald's. It may have been a cute neutral home decor room before, but now you can’t even see the floor because of the mess. You get the picture.

Choosing an outfit can get tricky, because depending on the vibe and location of your Galentine’s day celebrations, the look you go for could change completely. As fashion experts, we’ve put together a Galentine’s Day Outfit Guide based on the type of Galentine’s Day party you’re hosting or attending. Enjoy, and happy Galentine’s Day!

Galentines Day Outfits: At The Club

Surrounded by drinks, music, and good vibes, the club is a great place to celebrate Galentine’s with your best girlfriends. When it come to club attire, you want to find a balance between chic and comfortable. Mini dresses, leather pants, bodycon skirts - there are no rules when dressing for the club. A dress-code is always fun, so if you want to stick to the red and pink theme for Galentine’s, let your friends know so they know what to look for while shopping!

Pink Party Dress

Pink Mini Dress

You can never go wrong with a pink mini dress, and the Kamara Dress from For Love and Lemons screams the club and Galentines, making it a perfect Galentine’s Day outfit choice. It is made of a shaggy pink fabric, with a v-neckline and a slimming fit.

Pink Romper Dress

pink romper dress

If you feel that a romper would better serve you on the dance floor, a piece like the Vanessa Mooney Elizabeth Romper Dress may be a good fit for you. It is made of a beautiful baby pink satin and whether paired with strappy heels or tall white cowgirl boots, eyes are about to turn when you walk into the club!

Pink Fringe Jacket

pink fringe jacket

This Barbie Core Sequin Fringe Jacket is a statement piece for sure, but what better time to go all out than Galentine’s? This jacket is the perfect bikini cover-up at the day club and doubles as the sparkle to your going out ‘fit in the evening. However you style it, you will be the moment.

Galentines Day Outfits: Dinner and a Show

Begin the evening with a scrumptious meal filled with conversation, laughter, and yummy food. Then, see a show or concert to extend the evening with exciting entertainment! A reservation and ticket to a show (whether it’s a play, a comedy show, or music performance) makes for the perfect classy evening with your best girl friends. When it comes to attire, you can go a little more fancy and elegant. Heels, midi dresses, and updos will elevate the evening and you’ll look incredible.

Red Midi Dress

red midi dress

The Ilana Red Midi Dress from For Love and Lemons is perfect for Galentine’s Day because it is modern, romantic, and chic. The asymmetrical cowl neckline and high slit makes it fit like a slip but show like a gown. Especially if you have darker features, the red hue will contrast beautifully.

Black Midi Dress

black midi dress

If the red is too much for you, the Elora Black Midi Dress from For Love and Lemons is perfect for the classy girls. If you’re wearing black for Galentine’s, you can always bring in the festiveness by wearing red lipstick and heart earrings!

Heart Necklace

galentines day outfits

When it comes to Galentine’s Day, or any celebration, accessories are everything! From lingerie, to comfy pj’s or a fancy date dress, a chunky heart necklace is the perfect addition.

Galentines Day Outfits: House Party

Who needs to go out when you can host a party at your house? House parties have been a classic for centuries, and make for the perfect chill Galentine’s Day celebration. Since the vibe of a house party tends to be on the more casual side, opt for a cute top and jeans! Kick back, relax, and enjoy an evening filled with treats and music and friendship.

Red Floral Crop Top

floral crop top

The For Love and Lemons Lauren Floral Crop Top is great because it is festive for your Galentine’s Day outfit, but can be worn for other occasions too! Crop tops are great for house parties because they can be dressed down with a pair of jeans while still showing a little skin.

White Lace Crop Top

white lace crop top

The Becca Crop Top from For Love and Lemons is dainty and feminine and perfect for the girl who loves her neutrals. Pair with your favorite jeans and some red lipstick and you’re ready for the Galentine’s Day house party!

Heart Earrings

heart earrings

Another fun way to accessorize for Galentine’s Day is by wearing a pair of heart earrings. These Leila Heart Hoop Earrings in particular are some of our favorites because they sparkle all night.

Galentines Day Outfits: Picnic with the Girls

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that is warm in February, the rest of us are jealous! One of the most fun ways to celebrate Galentine’s is with a picnic. Aesthetic charcuterie boards, cute blankets, fine wine, and friends. Just make sure you brush up on how to hold a wine glass! A picnic party opens up a whole new wardrobe of opportunities. Queue the florals, lace, frills, hats, and pastels! 

Floral Mini Dress

floral mini dress

This pastel floral mini dress encompasses all things feminine and is the perfect outfit for your Galentine’s day picnic!

Mini Dress with Cutouts

mini dress with cutouts

The stunning For Love and Lemons Dascha Mini Dress features a sexy corset style and pretty satin detailing. Dress it up with heels or keep it casual with a pair of sandals, either way you’re bound to look stylish and trendy!

Hot Pink Mini Dress

hot pink mini dress

What better way to end this Galentine’s Day outfit guide than with this gorgeous Clementine Pink Mini Dress from For Love and Lemons. Perfect for a picnic; your girlfriends will be complimenting you all day!

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